Small Automatic Weather Station

Small weather stations mainly use 2.5M stainless steel brackets, which are light in weight and can be installed only with expansion screws. The selection of small weather station sensors can be configured according to the actual needs of customers on site, and the application is more flexible. The sensors mainly include wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, soil temperature, soil temperature and other sensors produced by our company It can be selected and used in various environmental monitoring occasions.

Products Details

Technical Parameter


Measuring range



Wind speed sensor




Wind direction sensor



Air temperature sensor




Air temperature sensor




Air pressure sensor




Rain sensor





1. The collector can connect up to 16 sensors, and the specific sensors can be configured according to customer needs, and can be customized according to customer needs. 2. All sensors use aviation plugs. At the same time, the sensors and collectors are marked, and any person on site can install them without debugging. 3. Wired transmission and wireless transmission are optional between the acquisition instrument and the software. All configurations have been completed before leaving the factory, and customers do not need to configure them again (for the company's platform and software), avoiding debugging difficulties. 4. The company provides free telephone and computer guidance to solve various problems in customer's on-site installation and practical application.

Industry application

Multi-industry application monitoring, can be widely used in campus, farmland, port, construction site, field and other places. Personalized customization, products can be customized according to customer needs.

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