Integrated tipping bucket rainfall monitoring station Automatic rainfall station

The automatic rainfall station integrates high-precision analog quantity acquisition, switch quantity and pulse quantity acquisition. The product technology is excellent, stable and reliable, small in size, and easy to install. It is very suitable for the data collection of rainfall stations and water level stations in hydrological forecasting, flash flood warning, etc., and can meet the data collection and communication function requirements of various rainfall stations and water level stations.

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Technical indicators 

◆ Rain bearing diameter: φ200mm ◆ Acute angle of cutting edge: 40~50° ◆ Resolution: 0.2mm ◆ Measurement accuracy: indoor artificial precipitation, subject to the water discharge of the instrument itself Level 1 accuracy: ≤±2%; Level 2 accuracy: ≤±3%; Level 3 accuracy: ≤±4%; ◆ Rain intensity range: 0.01mm~4mm/min (permitted rain intensity 8mm/min) ◆ Recording interval: adjustable from 1 minute to 24 hours ◆ Recording capacity: 10000 ◆ Data viewing: GPRS, 433, zigbee ◆ Working environment: ambient temperature: -20~50℃; relative humidity; <95%(40℃) ◆ Measuring precipitation intensity: within 4mm/min ◆ Maximum allowable error: ±4%mm ◆ Weight: 60KG ◆ Size: 220.0 cm * 50.0 cm * 23.0◆ It can automatically collect, record, charge, work independently, and do not need to be on duty; ◆ Power supply: using solar energy + battery: the service life is more than 5 years, and the continuous rainy working time is more than 30 days, and the battery can be fully charged for 7 consecutive sunny days; ◆ Rainfall monitoring station is a product with data collection, storage and transmission functions, which conforms to "Hydrology Automatic Observation and Reporting System Equipment Telemetry Terminal" (SL/T180-1996) and "Hydrology Automatic Observation and Reporting System Technical Specifications" (SL61-2003) industry standard requirements. ◆ A tipping bucket rain gauge with functions such as automatic recording, real-time time, historical data recording, over-limit alarm and data communication, self-cleaning dust, and easy cleaning.


     Suitable for meteorological stations (stations), hydrological stations, irrigation and drainage, agriculture, forestry and other relevant departments to measure liquid precipitation, precipitation intensity, and output mechanical contact signals (reed relays).


1. Please check whether the packaging is in good condition, and check whether the product model is consistent with the selection; 2. Do not connect with live power. After the wiring is completed and checked, the power can be turned on; 3. The length of the sensor line will affect the output signal of the product. Do not arbitrarily change the components or wires that have been welded when the product leaves the factory. If you need to change, please contact us; 4. The sensor is a precision device. Please do not disassemble it by yourself, or touch the surface of the sensor with sharp objects or corrosive liquids, so as not to damage the product.

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