Clean FCL30 Portable Residual Chlorine Test Instrument

1. Use the three electrode principles to measure the residual chlorine concentration, which is accurate and fast, and can be compared with the DPD method; 2. No need for consumables, simple maintenance, and the measurement value is not affected by low temperature or turbidity; 3. You can replace the CS5930 dilin chlorine electrode by yourself, which is easy to clean and maintain.

Products Details


Technical indicators 

Measuring range 0-10mg/l
Resolution 0.01mg/l
Precise ±1%F.S.
Temperature measurement range 0-100.0℃/32-212°F
Operating temperature range 0-60℃/32-140°F
Correction 2 points (0. any point)
Lock function Can choose manual or automatic
Electrode CS5930 no membrane three electrode residual chlorine electrodes
Screen 20*30mm multi -line LCD display
Protection level IP67
Automatic backlight 1minute
Automatic shut-down 5minute
Power supply 1*1.5V AAA7 battery
Size (H*W*D)185*40*48mm
Weight 95g
1, 4 keys are simple to operate, comfortable to hold, complete the accurate value measurement with one hand; 2. Backlight screen, display multiple lines, easy to read, automatically shut down without operation; 3. The entire series 1*1.5V AAA battery, easy to replace the battery and electrode; 4. Ship -shaped floating water design, IP67 waterproof level; 5. You can perform throwing water quality measurement (automatic locking function); 6. Infinite extension application scope.

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