Ambient Dust Monitoring System

◆The noise and dust monitoring system allows for continuous automatic monitoring. ◆Data can be automatically monitored and transmitted unattended. ◆It can monitor f dust, PM2.5, PM10, PM1.0, TSP, noise and air temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction and other environmental factors, as well as the detection data of each detection point is directly uploaded to the monitoring background through wireless communication. ◆It is mainly used for urban functional area monitoring, industrial enterprise boundary monitoring, and construction site boundary monitoring.

Products Details

Technical indicators 

Name Model Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy
Ambient temperature PTS-3 -50~+80℃ 0.1℃ ±0.1℃
Relative humidity PTS-3 0~ 0.1% ±2%(≤80%时)±5%(>80%时)
Ultrasonic wind direction and wind speed EC-A1 0~360° ±3°
0~70m/s 0.1m/s ±(0.3+0.03V)m/s
PM2.5 PM2.5 0-500ug/m³ 0.01m3/min ±2%Response time:≤10s
PM10 PM10 0-500ug/m³ 0.01m3/min ±2%Response time:≤10s
Noise sensor ZSDB1 30~130dBFrequency range: 31.5Hz~8kHz 0.1dB ±1.5dB Noise     
Observation bracket TRM-ZJ 3m-10moptional Outdoor use Stainless steel structure with lightning protection device
Solar power supply system TDC-25 Power 30W Solar battery + rechargeable battery + protector Optional
Wireless communication controller GSM/GPRS Short/medium/long distance Free/paid transfer Optional

Application site

The system consists of particle monitoring system, noise monitoring system, meteorological monitoring system, video monitoring system, wireless transmission system, power supply system, background data processing system and cloud information monitoring and management platform. The monitoring sub-station integrates various functions such as atmospheric PM2.5, PM10 monitoring, ambient temperature, humidity and wind speed and direction monitoring, noise monitoring, video monitoring and video capture of excessive pollutants (optional), toxic and harmful gas monitoring (optional); The data platform is a networked platform with an Internet architecture, which has the functions of monitoring each sub-station and data alarm processing, recording, query, statistics, report output and other functions.

System Composition

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